Removing Dead or Decaying Trees

Have a tree or stump that is rotting?

Not sure if your tree is dying? Maybe it’s just a few branches that look bad? 


tree decay rot dying tree removal dead stumps dead branchesHer e are 5 signs that your tree is dying

1. Abnormalities in the bark, or bark falling off the tree in large chunks

2. Decaying parts of the tree, parts of the tree look like they have mold growing on them.
3. Dead or dying branches. Some branches may look healthy and have healthy leaves, but if 1 or more of the branches (especially the big branches) look dead- it’s a good chance the tree is decaying. 
4. Leaves look dead and discolored 
5. Poor posture of the tree, tree is starting to slant. 
6. Parts of the tree are infested with bugs, flies, termites, etc. 
Just because it looks like parts of the tree are dying, does not mean we need to give up hope! In some cases, we are able to help nurse a tree back to health. It all depends on the species of the tree, and the individual diseases that specific tree might have. 
If the tree is beyond the chance of saving- it’s important to remove the decaying or dead tree before any diseases are passed on to other healthy trees in the surrounding area. Tree removal is the best option so the rest of the trees can stay healthy and strong. In some cases, we can trim the troublesome branches. 
Call us today so we can inspect your tree and give you  proper consensus and estimate.  

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removing a banyan tree how to

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