Stump Removal and
Stump Grinding

Have a pesky stump in your yard? 

Removing a tree is only getting the job halfway done!

Stump Grinding or stump removal is the process of grinding down the wood to the base of the tree and even removing the root system under the ground. We ensure that this is done correctly and safely- and with minimal disturbance to the rest of your landscaping. We also dispose of the debris, and have many options to help you decide what to do with the spot. A new tree can be planted, the area can be utilized to start a garden or put in new plants, or just rehabilitating the space to fill in with grass to blend in with the rest of your landscaping. We are here for you to help you decide the best way to utilize the new space! 

Many people choose to avoid removing a stump to try to lower the cost of their tree care. But there are many reasons why removing your stump is important. 

Keeping a stump in the ground can actually lead to additional costs. Open stumps often times are more susceptible to rotting, which attracts all types of bugs, pests, rodents and termites. 




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The best stump removal company in Denton, TX

We are well equipped to remove any tree stump, big or small. We have numerous types of machines that handle stumps that are extremely large in size, and even stumps that are on a hill, slope, or near your home. 

Knowing the right thing to do with an old stump in your yard is difficult. Give our expert arborists a call and we can give you our expert opinion!