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Here at Tree Services Denton, we can appreciate wanting to save each and every tree. Unfortunately in some cases it is necessary to remove a tree for safety, visual or practical reasons.  When it comes to protecting the integrity of your home or business, it’s vital to remove trees that are a safety hazard. If large branches are falling off the tree, it is probably time to consider removing the tree to avoid a hazardous situation. 

Here are the primary reasons that a tree removal may be unavoidable :

  • Storm damage or high winds that cause large branches to break.

  • Removal to create more space for construction or creating space for a garden or other outdoor area. 

  • Decaying or diseased tree that cannot be brought back to life. 

  • Excessive moss or fungal infections growing on the tree. 

  • The tree’s roots have overgrown so much that the root system has cut through the grass and is growing on top of the ground, often times obstructing sidewalks and walkways, or even growing too close to a house or building. 

  • The tree is starting to lean, causing unease, potential risk or simply is an eyesore. 

  • The tree has gotten so large that it’s causing compete block of sun in areas you wish to have more sunlight. 

  • You are selling the land and want the space to be cleared completely. 

If you need a tree removed on your property or near your business, give Tree Services Denton a call today! We do it right the first time! 

We work with every species of tree, and every size of tree from small to massive trees. Each tree removal job is unique depending on the size of the tree, and depends on the surrounding areas of the tree. If there are other trees that you wish to keep, it can be more difficult to remove the tree nearby- but we can definitely do it! If the tree you wish to be removed is near your home, this can also affect the cost of the job. Naturally more dangerous and difficult jobs are more expensive than just removing a tree with nothing in the surrounding areas. 

Can I just chop the tree down by myself?

It is vital that you do not try to remove a tree by yourself if you are not properly trained to do so! Put your trust in the hands of licensed, professional and certified arborists who will get the job done safely. Cutting down  a tree yourself can result in major damage, injury or even death. We’re happy to provide a free quote for you whenever you’re ready to remove a tree on your property or business. 

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Here at Tree Services Denton, we are different. We do the job right the very first time. We are the premier tree care company in Denton. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, branch trimming, dead tree removal, rotting tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, tree pruning and so much more! 

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Stump Removal in Denton, TX

Have a stump that's an eye sore on your property? Let us remove it and it will look like there was never a tree there to begin with!

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