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Everything You Need to Know About Tree Trimming

At Tree Services Denton, tree trimming is our most highly requested service! We believe that trees should be trimmed with integrity and care. Each species of tree is unique and special in it’s own way- and should be trimmed in accordance to the unique properties of that specific tree. 

Professional tree trimming is very important, because poor tree trimming can actually cause more damage beyond repair. When done correctly, tree trimming can extend the lifespan of your trees and make everything from the tips of the roots to each leaf more strong and healthy! Tree’s are very much like humans. The healthier the tree is, the better the tree is at healing its own wounds, fighting diseases and staying healthy! Proper maitenence like tree trimming allows for the tree to remain healthy and strong. 

Our team of expert arborists have the knowledge and techniques to take care of virtually any type on tree, both in residential and commercial locations. If you are looking for a tree trimming company in Denton, Texas- then we are your go-to guys! 

How often should my trees be trimmed?

There are numerous health benefits for a tree when trimmed regularly. We recommend that trees get trimmed every 3-5 years with little touch ups in between if you wish. This will greatly expand the lifespan of the tree, and will allow us to catch any small patches of rotting or diseases in the tree that can get taken care of right away, instead of waiting until its too late! 

Why do I need to get my trees trimmed? 

If a tree doesn’t get trimmed, it will most likely grow a surplus of dead or damaged branches. Overgrowth, especially on trees that are near your home or a building structure can cause a ton of damage to your property. Excess branches are more susceptible to breaking off during high wind storms, causing damage to your home or property. And of course proper tree trimming increases the appearance of your trees as well, which is an added bonus to a healthy tree! 

What’s the tree trimming process? 

Plants and trees that get proper trimming and maitenence live much longer and healthier lives, and look beautiful while doing it! It’s vital to maintain the healthiest and safest structer for your trees, and can even increase the property value of your home. As Denton’s premier arborists, we understand trees down to the roots, to the tip of the tree. No matter what kind of tree, we have the level of knowledge and training to ensure your tree is healthy, sturdy and beautiful. Sometimes called tree pruning, tree trimming is an essential part of keeping your property safe and keeping the trees happy! 

Trained, Licensed and Certified: 

Our number one priority is safety. It is of upmost importance that proper safety protocols are being followed to a T. When removing massive trees, there is an obvious reason to be as careful as possible. We ensure that all residents are cleared from any danger that might ensue during the tree removal process. We surpass the latest security and safety procedures to maintain a safe working environment for all involved. Our expert arborists use the latest and greatest equipment and techniques to ensure the job gets done safely and effectively. 

Benefits of Tree Trimming Services: 

Here are a few highlighted benefits of tree trimming. The list is long, but here are a few of our favorites! 

  • Reduce the risk of damage to your home or property during a storm or when there’s heavy rains. 
  • Provides space and clearance for other trees or plants to grow
  • Minimizes the chances of the tree dying prematurely
  • Encourages healthy production of flowers, leaves and in some cases, fruit. 
  • Helps the branches to grow stronger and more sturdy
  • Helps the leaves grow more vibrant in color
  • Trees that are trimmed are less likely to get tree rot or mold, which attracts pests, insects and rodents. 
  • Allows for more sunlight 

Should I wait until my tree is fully matured to get it trimmed? 

Contrary to popular belief, it is important for young trees to be trimmed as well. We like to thin branches and overgrowth starting at a young age, because it actually helps the tree to mature much stronger and healthier. We carefully select the branches that should be thinned based on the species of tree. 



man cutting tree honoluluWhen Should I trim my Trees?

The quick answer is every 3-5 years! But trees will require trimming more often if the tree is growing very close to a home or a building structure. The best rule of thumb is do not wait until there is an issue with your tree to do tree maintenance. Doing proper check-ups is good for our health as humans, and the same goes for trees! Humans and trees really do have a lot in common in terms of keeping up our health and wellbeing by doing regular check-ups. 

Certain species of trees do require more maintenance than others. For example, a palm tree or coconut tree needs to be regularly maintained more often than an evergreen tree. The large palm fronds on a palm tree die off a lot faster than most other trees, and grow new palm fronds at a rapid pace as well. Palm fronds will naturally fall off of the tree when the frond is dead- but because palm trees are SO tall, and palm fronds are SO large- it can do a lot of damage if it hits someone, or hits your home. Same goes for coconut trees. Coconuts can cause major injuries, even death. So its important to maintain those trees. 

Fruit trees need to be trimmed more often as well. We recommend every 1-2 years. Your fruit tree will provide more fruit if the tree is properly cared for! Not only will it provide more fruit, but the quality of the fruit improves with the health of the tree! The fruit gets bigger, juicer and has even more vitamins and minerals. The stronger the tree, the longer the branches can hold on to it’s juicy fruits and get to peak, perfect ripeness. 

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Our Methods of Tree Trimming and Pruning 

As we’ve discussed, there’s a wide variety of reasons for tree trimming and tree pruning. Our local expert arborists utilize in the industry’s highest quality techniques and equipment. We exceed all safety standards and codes and are properly licensed and insured to provide the safest possible service, all with a smile on our face!

Here are some methods that we specialize in:

Reduction Trimming / Pruning

This is one of the most common services that we offer. This involves  shortening healthy branches, allowing the rest of the tree to obtain more sunline. This is also done to reduce the size of the tree and its branches. Perhaps the tree is close to a house or structure, and you want to minimize the size. 

Structural Trimming /  Pruning

This technique involves trimming / pruning plant matter to improve the growth of the branches. Just like how human hair grows stronger and healthier when we trim off the dead ends, a tree is very similar in this way. This technique enhances the overall integrity of the tree.


Crown Cleaning

This is the method of trimming off broken, diseased or dying branches or limbs from a tree. This is often times referred to as “deadwooding” and is mainly done to lessen the risk of dead branches falling by themselves from a tree and potentially causing damage or injury. 

 Root Pruning / Root Maintenance 

Have you ever seen trees roots growing so large that the roots start growing above ground? This method makes small cuts to remove those roots that have overgrown. Sometimes the roots overgrow and cut through the grass and ruin / obstruct sidewalks or walkways.  This can be both potentially dangerous, but also can be a major eye sore. 

Restoration Trimming / Restoration Pruning 

Restoration pruning is our method in which we remove branches, both dead or alive, in an attempt to restructure a tree. This can be done for aesthetic  reasons, or to manage the size and shape of the tree. This is done in an effort to bring a tree back to a normal growth habit. It encourages sprouts to form a strong replacement crown. 


Crown Raising

Crown lifting is the removal of lower branches on a tree. We do this to increase the clearance between the ground and the other branches. This can be done t improve sight lines, or to allow more sunlight to reach certain parts of the tree that are not getting enough sunlight. 

Why Choose a Professional, Can I just Trim my own Trees? 

Although it may be tempting, it is vital that you hire a professional, licensed, certified professional arborist to remove a tree from your yard. You may think it could be an easy job, but it is so important to take safety into consideration. Not only can you badly hurt yourself and others if you try to cut down a tree- but you can also do major damage to your home- or to your neighbors home. It goes without saying that causing major damage to your home or your neighbors home would be more than a headache. Many insurances would put the blame on you- and in some states it is not legal for you to cut down your own trees!
Not only do we utilize highly trained and certified arborists, but we also use the highest quality equipment and techniques available on the market today. Our equipment performs at the highest safety standards! Including unique cutters and lifts that are necessary for proper tree removal and tree trimming. Again, tree trimming and tree removal may seem like a small job- but we ask that you do not risk the health and safety of your family, your neighbors and the integrity of your yard, just to save a little money. 
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been called to jobs where someone tried to cut down their own large tree, and failed. It causes more damage than it does good. And on top of that, the tree is usually not cut down properly, adding to the cost for us to remove the mess that was left behind. 

Why choose Tree Services Denton? 

There are so many reasons why you should always choose to hire a professional tree cutter when its time for your trees to be removed or trimmed. Here are our top 3 reasons for hiring a licensed, certified professional tree remover. 

  1. Safety reasons: Safety is our number one policy. Tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal and stump removal are all dangerous activities. This job can be deadly, so please ensure you are trusting the right company to get the job done safely.
  2. Top of the line equipment: Our arborists use the best certified and professional equipment available on the market today. Our arborists are always up to date with the latest and greatest techniques to ensure quality. 
  3. Insured: When you’re hiring an arborist, make sure they are insured properly. We are insured and accredited and professional. 

Call us today for our tree care services! 

Whether you want a tree removed to create more space in your yard, are worried the tree is dying or decaying and may cause damage to your home, or you just want a tree removed for aesthetic  reasons– we are your fully equipped tree care service in Denton, Texas! As an expert tree removal company in Denton, we are here to provide hassle free tree care services for you at a competitive price. 

Don’t waste any more time pondering whether your tree will make it another year, or will cause damage during the next big storm. With our free consultation, we can ensure we will advise you on the safest and most effective solution to your needs. Contact us today and lets get you one step closer to a healthier tree! 

Why Choose Tree Services Denton?

Here at Tree Services Denton, we are different. We do the job right the very first time. We are the premier tree care company in Denton. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, branch trimming, dead tree removal, rotting tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, tree pruning and so much more! 

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